The life, times, & laughs that come with the chase for success, fulfillment, & happiness. Hosted and narrated by professional wrestler/entertainer/smack-talker; Sugar Dunkerton AKA Sugar D!

January 24, 2018

FC$ EP10: Special K Is A-OK!


EPISODE 10 AND WE AT IT AGAIN! On a very special (and different) episode of "Funny. Cash. Show's."; Sugar D comes live from the road on the way to Rockstar Pro Wrestling in Dayton, Ohio! Sugar's memories of Ohio haven't always been so good, sharing that in this episode as he talks about an injury there that not only made him rethink his career, but also introduced him to a drug he'd NEVER choose again. This #FURYROAD edition was recorded from the road, so the sound quality will be different from the usual fare. We look forward to spoiling you with the studio quality you're used to in further episodes. THIS EPISODE IS SPONSORED BY:, easily the most comfortable socks in the world. If they're not, full refund guaranteed! use the offer link below to save money on your purchase, gift me a pair, and find out how you're helping the homeless by buying through Bombas! SUGAR D MERCH: www

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